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Union County is a haven for business growth. It is located in the thick of the east coast commercial corridor while maintaining its reputation as a county within the Garden State.

Elizabeth, NJ is the largest city in Union County with over 125k residents. Elizabeth continues to grow in size, making it a perfect place to start a business or expand your business into. We offer commercial real estate for sale & lease industrial real estate and office space in Elizabeth.


Union County has everything a business needs in terms of warehouse, distribution, or office space. According to the 2017 Union County Profile, the County has:

More than 50 independent trucking and freight trucking companies are based in Union County.

At least 90 other trucking companies are located within a 50-mile radius to service Union County.

The County is home to a wide variety of businesses that take advantage of the County’s outstanding transportation network.


The city of Elizabeth is Union County’s county seat. It is a hub for commerce in the county and metropolitan areas.

Container Shipping

Elizabeth hosts the largest industrial seaport in North America. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is the grantee for Foreign Trade Zone No. 49. The economic benefits to the region are many.

Within that Zone, Sea Port Elizabeth is the largest containerized, deepwater terminal on the East Coast. It boasts 41,000 linear feet of berthing space. As a result, it serves over 3,000 ships and handles over 3 million containers a year.

Urban Enterprise Zone

Elizabeth’s award-winning Urban Enterprise zone has produced more than $50 million for reinvestment, which funds additional police, streetscape beautification, and improved infrastructure. Elizabeth has evolved into a retail and transportation center for the Metropolitan area.


Union County is a great place to live, in part due to its close proximity to Midtown Manhattan (16-30 miles), Newark International Airport (up to 18 miles), and downtown Philadelphia (72-84 miles).

Residents love the 36 parks in the County that cover 6,200 acres, or 8.5 percent of the total land area in the County. The parks offer a wide range of outdoor activities. They are home to dog parks, gardens, trails, archery ranges, golf courses, sports fields, and even an equestrian stable.

The Rahway Theater hosts the Union County Performing Arts Center that offers plays, music, and dance performances, along with workshops and other activities. In the winter, sledding and cross-country skiing are popular activities.

Fishermen in the County take advantage of the freshwater fishing that is available in many of the County’s parks. If you’re Irish, or just like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll find one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in New Jersey right in Union County. Each year, the elaborate parade attracts visitors from all over the region.


If Elizabeth, NJ, or anywhere else in Union County sounds like a great place to look for warehouse, distribution, or office space, you need to contact David Mosseri at Mosseri Realty. David is an experienced commercial real estate broker who has been going the extra mile to help clients for over 30 years.

David is a master at working with you to carefully define your requirements. Then, with his knowledge of the market, he can help you find the property that best meets your needs. Make the best decision for your company. Call David at 732-634-3953 or send an email.

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